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Just Interiors is a specialist recruitment division within The Just Group. We are focused entirely to the Interiors Sector covering all aspects of the Industry. Our team has years of experience and have built up established relationships with clients and professionals across the industry.

Whether you are looking for a new role or would like to engage our services to find the right professional for a position you have within your business, then Just Interiors are here to offer our assistance.

  • The interior fit-out and refurbishment market has increased by 34% since 2013, in value terms, and rose by 6% within the last year alone.

  • Design & Build is a project delivery system used in the construction industry. It is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design–builder or design–build contractor.

  • Charles Darwin was one of the earliest innovators of the modern office chair. He added wheels to his chair so that he could get to his specimens quicker while in was studying.

  • Architecture was once an Olympic sport. During the first four decades of the modern Olympic Games, 151 medals were awarded for music, painting, sculpture, literature, and architecture.

  • Carpenters and joiners use their skills to make structures and fittings such as window, doors, stairs, furniture and shop fittings from wood and wood materials.

  • The primary component of drywall is the mineral gypsum. It is a light-density rock found in plentiful deposits worldwide. Each molecule of gypsum (or dihydrous calcium sulfate) is composed of two molecules of water (H20) and one of calcium sulfate (CaSO4).

  • In the short to medium term, the UK market for shopfitting is forecast to increase by around 3-4% per year.

  • The oldest surviving carpet is called the Pazyryk carpet. At an incredible age of over 2000 years old, it dates back to 5th century BC, and was would in the Altai Mountains in Siberia.

Latest Opportunities

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Carl Tipping

Divisional Manager - Interiors

Carl is one of our Divisional Managers here at The Just Group – Carl joined us from a trade background and has fast become an excellent recruiter within the Interior Fit Out & Construction fields. Carl has built some enviable relationships in the industry with both candidates and clients across the UK, although now focusses on his relationships across London & South East.

Outside of work Carl is a lifelong Millwall Football fan, (somebody has to be! COYL!). He also enjoys nothing more than spending time with his now 3 year old son who is the light of his life, teaching him the important things in life like Maths, English, The Importance of Money Management & Millwall chants.

My Favourite:

Book: Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Movie: Goodbye Charlie Bright
Favourite band/singer: The Manor – Frank Sinatra
Football Team/Sports Person: Millwall Football Club & Neil Harris
Pastime: Spending time with my son
Car: Range Rover Vogue
3 dream dinner party guests: Jimmy Bullard, Mickey Flanagan, Del Boy
A fact that no one knows about you/claim to fame: Played in the final of the Nike Joga Bonito Tournament at Highbury
The happiest day of your life was: The day my son was born
Food: Pie ‘n’ Mash
Drink: Beer
Favourite thing about working at The Just Group: The fun & friendly environment, but more than that, the dedication & commitment from the owners to reinvest across all areas of the business & to continuously look at ways for us to be different to any other recruitment consultancy.


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    Carl Tipping

    Divisional Manager - Interiors


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