Just Building Envelopes

Indiana Jones

So, there I sat in the dull, dreary classroom, a twelve year old farmer’s son who was ready to take on the world. Opposite me sat Mr Cyril Salter*. The grizzled veteran English teacher that doubled as our schools Careers Advisor.

He stared me down with his glazed eyes, I knew what was coming, ‘Master Fines, what do you want to be when you grow up?’

I calmly looked out of the window, then turned to meet his gaze, it was then in my best Lincolnshire drawl with an air of uncompromising certainty I uttered the immortal phrase ‘Cyril, I want to be a recruiter’.  Slightly taken aback by my use of his first name, Cyril Salter nodded in approval and in his gruff voice he said ‘that is an excellent choice Master Fines’.

Ok so this never happened, and let’s face it, it probably never will happen to any twelve year old in the world, but maybe it should?
When we are younger we all have dreams of what we want to do when we grow up. For me it was to be an Archaeologist in the mould of a certain Indiana Jones, swashbuckling and charming. but extensive research shows (I quickly googled it) that being a dancer, actor and musician are the top three jobs that children want to be. I got down to 1,053 on this list and still could not find Recruiter.

Like a lot of people who don’t have a lot of experience with recruitment I had no idea what to expect when I first started out in this industry, recruiters just find people jobs right? Well yes, but there is a little more to it than that.

For me recruitment is a trade the same way that carpentry and plumbing are. Once you have learnt the basics and honed your skills you will have a trade that almost certainly will always make you employable. 

Recruitment is an industry that attracts and brings all types of people together. I have worked with some truly colourful characters over the years. Everyone has a different story as to what led to work in the recruitment industry. Working in recruitment, you get to meet some people that we perhaps wouldn’t meet and get to know in our civilian lives. 

Us recruiters all earn loads of money, right? Well not exactly. Good recruiters certainly do earn some good money but what I would be like to be clear about is what is behind the people that are consistently earning good money. The obvious one is hard work and not just putting in long hours, the best recruiters I have worked with are the ones that take time to learn their craft and take pride in their market knowledge, they push themselves to be successful. Nothing makes me prouder than when I see an employee putting a deposit down on a house or buying a new car as a result of grafting hard and going above and beyond what is expected. 

So maybe if you are at a loss then recruitment could be for you, it’s not easy, its full of disappointment and you will experience some amazing highs and some low lows but I can guarantee stick at it and it will be an adventure. 

Why choose recruitment? Maybe if you are the right person recruitment chooses you.   

*Not his real name